Jørgen Friis-Christensen

Macrame and Fancywork


On the following pages will I show some of my creations in my hobby works Macramé and Knot tying. It all started during my time as apprentice at the Seaman School, where we spend some weekly evening hours in practicing this old-time seaman's skill, I become fascinated of this unique work and have ever since spend many hours on my off duty times creating a variety of mats, bags, and other things, exhibited on my WEB Site- (Click on the Main Menu). Over the years my hobby growth to be almost a passion for me. I am a retired sailor, world wide trading from 1965, however after 1982 most of my voyages are of coastal, and homely nature.
 In 1999 did I join the” International Guild of Knot Tyers" a British origin society with world wide members, with the common interest of work with the art of rope and lines. No particular skill is required to be a member of the society as long you are enjoying this art.

 Do not hesitate to use the e-mail on this page for further information and comments concerning my works or interest in the art. 

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